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It looks like the NSA was a little cozier with Silicon Valley companies than we previously realized. Newly declassified documents show that the spy agency (read: taxpayers) paid Google, Facebook Assange Claims Google Gets White House Support, Does Things CIA Cannot Do Google, Samsung Legally Unable to Protect Data From NSA Hacking - NGO NSA Planned to Use Google App Store to Launch Massive Spy Campaign Google’s Mass Surveillance Power Threatens Democracy Nov 04, 2013 · Google collects information on all of us. I don’t know how one could use the Internet without using Google. I spent almost a decade with NSA in counterintelligence, working some of the most sensitive projects in the US government, and I’ll bet you today Google knows more about me than NSA does. The National Security Agency (NSA) is a national-level intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense, under the authority of the Director of National Intelligence. The NSA is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign and domestic intelligence and counterintelligence Oct 30, 2013 · Google, the NSA, and the need for locking down datacenter traffic. With the NSA seemingly listening in to Google's datacenter traffic, Google, Yahoo, and other companies' need for datacenter-to The agreement between Google and the NSA, still being finalized, would allow Google to share critical information with the NSA about the attacks and its network – such as the malicious code that

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57 Ellen Nakashima, “Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks,” Washington Post, 4 February 2010, 58 The official name for US military occupation of Afghanistan is similar: “Operation Enduring Freedom.” See “Infinite Justice, out—Enduring Freedom, in,” BBC, 25 September 2001, Google is also one of several tech companies to call on Congress for changes to NSA data collection activities and to ensure better privacy protections for the public. The 5G transformation has reached a critical phase. 5G is the fifth generation wireless technology and also known as the fastest, most reliable and lowest latency technology ever. Yet, there are multiple scenarios determining how 5G rollouts will take place, including use of a Stand Alone (SA) or Non-Stand Alone (NSA) architecture. That is the Director of Google Ideas. Cohen is effectively Google’s director of regime change. He is the State Department channeling Silicon Valley. That Google was taking NSA money in exchange for handing over people’s data comes as no surprise. When Google encountered the big bad world, Google itself got big and bad.

Nov 16, 2014 · Google's secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon Valley and the security state Inside the high-level, complicated deals -- and the rise of a virtually unchecked surveillance power.

Feb 18, 2016 · Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talks Google, Apple and the NSA - Duration: 7:09. CBS News Recommended for you. 7:09. Inside the NSA: An Evening with General Michael Hayden - Duration: 1:13:37. EPIC sought documents seeking to know what type of collaboration there was between Google and the NSA and, among other things, records of communication between the NSA and Google concerning Google