Apr 14, 2012

Remote access vpn - ssl tunnel mode vs ipsec tunnel Aug 15, 2018 tls - IPSec vs SSL : Similarities and Differences IPSec vs SSL : Similarities and Differences. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 7k times 1 $\begingroup$ I am studying SSL and IPSec. I can pretty much nail down the "very high level" differences and similarities between the two, but am struggling to find a "lower level" (but not too deep) look.

IPSec vs SSL VPNs Both SSL and IPSec VPNs are good options, both with considerable security pedigree, although they may suit different applications. IPsec VPNs operate at layer 3 (network), and in a typical deployment give full access to the local network (although access can be locked down via firewalls and some VPN servers support ACLs).

Exercise 1 question 1.4 Limitations and Differences of cations. SSL was designed by Netscape2 with HTTP usage in mind. TLS is the latest version of the SSL technology. IPsec provides security at the IP packet layer; it is not integrated at higher levels like TLS/SSL. IPsec is a network-level protocol incorporated into servers and/or clients, e.g. into a router, dedicated VPN concentrator, a TLS vs SSL: What's the Difference? Which One Should You Use?

I need to justify to management switching to SSL to improve compatibility. We have over 15,000 users all over the world. Ideally the AnyConnect client should automatically fallback to SSL in case it can't connect using IPsec but apparently this feature doesn't exist. Could you elaborate a little more on the pros/cons of IPsec vs SSL? Thanks!

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