If you've uncommented php_ldap.dll in extension section of PHP, I believe that PHP doesn't read proper php.ini. IIRC I always installed PHP to path without spaces in path (e.g. C:\PHP). Try copying C:\program files\php\php.ini to C:\windows\ and restart Apache/IIS. Maybe some of this helps you.

Nov 17, 2015 GitHub - Adldap2/Adldap2: A PHP LDAP Package for humans. Adldap2 is a PHP package that provides LDAP authentication and directory management tools using the Active Record pattern. Quickstart · Documentation. Up and running in minutes. Effortlessly connect to your LDAP servers and start running queries & operations in a matter of minutes. Fluent query builder. Building LDAP queries has never been so How can I enable LDAP in PHP - Windows Server 2008

GitHub - anthony-b/simple-php-LDAP-Authentication: This is

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Using LDAP Active Directory Authentication with PHP

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