WebRTC is designed for high-performance, high quality communication of video, audio and arbitrary data. In other words, for apps exactly like what you describe. WebRTC apps need a service via which they can exchange network and media metadata, a process known as signaling.

Apr 18, 2020 · WebRTC is a communication protocol that relies on JavaScript that can leak your actual IP address from behind your VPN, by default. This addon fixes that, making VPNs more effective [1]. This add-on allows you to easily disable WebRTC. You'll also be able to quickly toggle WebRTC back on/off by clicking the add-on's icon. MixedReality-WebRTC. MixedReality-WebRTC is a collection of libraries to help mixed reality app developers to integrate peer-to-peer real-time audio and video communication into their application and improve their collaborative experience. Apr 10, 2018 · Time to move onto the fun stuff: real-time video with WebRTC. Use WebRTC to Enable Real-Time Video Chat. To get real-time video chat working in this app we'll be using the fantastic SimpleWebRTC library. This library provides some excellent APIs that wrap the underlying WebRTC APIs making them much simpler to work with. Jan 15, 2014 · WebRTC (Web Realtime Communications) enables peer to peer video, audio, and data communication between two web browsers. This allows for video calling, video chat, and peer to peer file sharing entirely in the web browser, with no plugins. WebRTC Control is an extension that brings you control over WebRTC API in your browser. Toolbar icon serves as a toggle button that enables you to quickly disable or enable the add-on (note: the icon will change color once you click on it). How to use DetectRTC?