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Check the speed of the Internet connection between your computer and the Bell server. Find out how to maximize your internet download speeds. Troubleshoot slow speeds and connection issues. Get advice about how to improve download speeds. Use our NEW speed test tool to test how fast your broadband or mobile internet connection really is. Read broadband news, information and join our community Use our Speed Test tool to get an estimate of your connection speed. There are a variety of other speed tests available on the web. To ensure you are getting consistent and accurate results, use Bell's speed test. To perform the test, you should use a computer that is connected to your Bell residential gateway or modem directly by cable. I repeat, Bell Aliant DSL does not throttle whatsoever. You will always get 15% less of whatever your modem syncs at (so the speed test you tried is approx the max you can get on aliants g.dmt profile. You will never see 7 nor more than 550ish k upload with a 640k uplink rate, it's lost to ppp overhead). connection speed test, average speed, maximum speed & bandwidth speed test results. Test your Internet and compare your results.

Push the power button located on the back of the modem or remove the modem's power cord from the electrical socket. Wait 30 seconds. Push the power button again or plug the power cord back into the electrical socket. The modem reboots (this takes 1-2 minutes). Test your connection speed again. One of the most common mistakes when running a Fiber Speed Test is to run the test over WiFi – this is not a true measure of your Internet speed! Do you pay for Fiber Gigabit Fiber? It’s entirely possible the reason your Fiber Internet is slow is because your WiFi hardware can’t actually support the high speeds of Fiber.

Bell Aliant is Atlantic Canada's leading provider of Fibe, TV, internet, phone and data services to residential and business customers.

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