Nah, it's just the connection to the PS3. My comp., as well as my roommate's comp. are working fine. In fact, his 360 is connecting to live, but neither of us can figure out how to get my PS3 to connect atm. I'll keep at it, I guess. Maybe it's just being stubborn or something. Thanks, Viper.

Can anyone tell me how to connect my playstation 3 to my PC to update it's software, had it since 2008 and never updated it so now I cannot play the new games. Sony say's to download the updates to a thumb drive and then start my PC in safe mode, others say just to plug it in via usb to the modem router combo, have the same problem with my Sony PS4 won’t connect to internet or WIFI | Connection Failed Apr 20, 2020 PlayStation connection troubleshooting If your NAT is type 3 (strict), you can only connect to players who have NAT type 1. This means you are likely to have much longer queue times for matchmaking and very limited voice communications options. How can I check my NAT Type? PlayStation 3: Go to Settings, then Network Settings and run the Internet Connection Test. Your NAT type will

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This will store the settings on your PlayStation 3 permanently, so that next time you just have to choose your network and you’re ready to go. Press the X button again to test the network. Your PS3 will attempt to connect to the Internet. You should see Succeeded beside each attempt. My PS3 Won't Connect to the Wireless Internet | Our Pastimes Sep 15, 2017 Why can't I connect to PSN? - PlayStation 3 Q&A for

For some reason my PS3 won't connect to the internet, my Signal strength is around 60-70%. My friends PS3 has a 60% connection and it works just fine. I need to know what to do to get my PS3 connected to the Internet. (By the way I am using I wireless connection and I have tried unplugging the router).

Fix & Connect | PlayStation Support | Sony PlayStation Get help with PlayStation 4 connection issues. Our fix & connect tool offers support if you can’t connect to the Internet, sign in to PSN or your online experience is poor. How do I connect my Arlo SmartHub or base station to the