Now, as the file is owned by root, you need root permissions to change its permissions. Usually, you would use sudo for this, but as it's broken, we have to use pkexec as replacement to repair it: pkexec chmod u+s,g-x /usr/bin/sudo Now everything should be fixed again. Try the e.g. following command to check: sudo echo "sudo works again! Yay! :D"

Learn How to Use 'fuser' Command with Examples in Linux Oct 11, 2016 How to use sudo inside a docker container? - Stack Overflow Running this container, I get logged in with user 'docker'. When I try to use sudo, the command isn't found. So I tried to install the sudo package inside my Dockerfile using . RUN apt-get install sudo This results in Unable to locate package sudo Using apt-get Commands In Linux [Complete Beginners Guide

Basic Usage. In the following example, sysadmin has allowed user john to restart apache server. …

A beginner's guide to understanding sudo on Ubuntu

Sudo Manual

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