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R9000 antenna positioning - NETGEAR Communities R9000 antenna positioning Have wall mounted my R9000 to provide best wireless coverage on the ground floor and garden as I like to work outside if the weather is fine. However I am still not getting good signal in the bedroom( diagonally across and up) from the R9000. Adjust antenna gain (access point) - FlyerTalk Forums Oct 01, 2011 linksys wrt54g antenna products for sale | eBay

概要 Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H に dd-wrt を入れた話,なのだけれども,記事にするには基本的にあっさりいきすぎているし,そのわりには謎のバグも踏んでいる.そして,未だにそれの解決方法がわからないので,記事にするのはそれを解決してからと思っていたが,2週間以上経ってしまったので,いい

Ath Wireless Settings - TechInfoDepot Antenna Gain . Recommended Setting: dBi value of the antenna(s) used on the router Antenna gain is amount of "gain" or "boost" of signal that the antenna provides. Its a bit complicated but remember this, antennas are not amplifiers. They do not magnify the signal, but instead "focus" the signal in certain directions, yes even omni-directional WA9ONY Amateur (Ham) Radio Raspberry Pi Computer Projects The DD-WRT TX Power is set to default of 79 mW and TX is set to the left antenna. The Channel Power shows 35.99 (3.97 W) which is close to the power amplifier gain specification of 17 dB (19.62 dBm +17 dB = 36.62 dBm).

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Aug 01, 2017 How do I enable OpenVPN logging in DD-WRT? - Knowledgebase DD-WRT should now be logging, either locally to /tmp/var/log/messages, or remotely to the IP address you specified earlier. If none of the above enables logging: 1. Ensure that setting Services > System Log > Syslogd is set to Enabled 2. Add a line that says "verb 5" to the Additional configs section of the OpenVPN client in your router. WIFI BOOST Signal ANTENNA High Gain UPGRADE - YouTube Sep 14, 2012