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1980: In the U.S. in the 1980's Celotex Thermax insulating board was described by the Celotex Company (Jim Walters corporation, Tampa) as an insulating sheathing board with an R-value of 5.4 for a 3/4" thick board: higher R than its competitors at the time as it was compared with foam insulating board sold by Dow, WR Grade and Simplex Jun 21, 2016 · Lower U-Value is better. The Kingspan blog suggests that you put a DPC behind the battens. Unfortunately it is not a build up I am that familiar with, and condensation is quite a specialist area, but it seems that you have your exterior wall, a strip of DPC behind each 25x47mm batten then 82.5mm Kingspan K18 or the equivalent Celotex product. This level of efficiency means that the thickness of insulation needed to hit the required U-value is reduced, thereby optimising space in construction design. We stock the Celotex GA4000, XR4000, and PL4000 thermal laminate as well as a selection of their high-performance PIR insulation board. Jul 05, 2016 · the battening then goes over the celotex to provide a cavity between the thick layer of celotex and the plasterboard. To stop any condensation and damp ruining the plasterboard. this is why they suggest foil packed plasterboard and the two air gaps. 50mm between top of celotex and tiles and felt. Batten gap between bottom of celotex and plaster You can use two sheets of 50mm but it is not enough to comply with current regulations. You will not achieve the correct "U Value" which is the thermal resistance. In a nutshell your roof could end up with condensation (interstitial). Ideally if using Celotex you need a minimum of 120mm. Celotex 50mm GA4050 Insulation Board - 2.4m x 1.2m . Celotex 50mm GA4050 Insulation Board - 2.4m x price is for all three sheets cash on collection. Stunning celotex 50mm Exceptional quality a seen throughoutPhotos don't do it justice, Excellent value at 20 Celotex Foil faced polyisocyanurate (PIR) Insulation board (L)1.2m (W)0.45m (T)50mm Product rating 4.3 out of 5 stars Product code: 5060153760003

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Celotex Cavity Wall Board is a partial fill insulation solution for masonry cavity walls. Its a high performance, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board, sized to fit between cavity wall ties, it is lightweight and rigid, making it easy to handle, transport, and fit on site. R-Values of Materials: Table of Insulation R-Values and The larger air space has a reduced U-value, probably because of convection currents within the sealed thermopane or insulated glass panel. Glass, triple-glazed: 2.27 - 3.22 : U Value, Winter 0.31-0.39 30 U Value, Summer 0.39 - 0.44 30. R = 1 / U. U 1 = R 1 U 0.5 = R 2 U 0.333 = R 3 U 0.20 = R 5 U 0.15667 = R 6. the R-values given at left are Insulation Boards | Wall & Floor Insulation | Wickes.co.uk

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u-values r-values lambda explained here in an easy to o So use 30mm Celotex PIR – R Value = 1.35 (OK as the same) • 50mm Kooltherm – R Value = 2.75 o 50mm Celotex PIR – R Value = 2.25 (Too Low) o So use 70mm Celotex PIR – R Value = 3.15 (Higher so better!) • 75mm Kooltherm – R Value = 4.15 o 75mm Celotex PIR – R Value = 3.40 (Too Low) o So use 100mm Celotex PIR – R Value = 4.50 celotex, kingspan, xtratherm - Google Groups Aug 24, 2010 If you require further help or advice on an already created U-value calculation and would like to speak with an advisor, please contact our Celotex Technical Centre on 01473 820850. Lines are open Monday – Friday, from 8.00am – 5.15pm. Celotex CW4000, being a non-melting thermoset material, may pass through cavity barriers so that a thermal bridge is avoided. Cavity obstructions Unavoidable projections into the cavity, such as floor edge beams and steel columns, need careful detailing and may require a horizontal cavity tray. 50mm Celotex GA4050 is a multi-purpose insulation board that provides solution to overcome from the localized thermal bridges problem. Featuring a low emissivity foil facings, this board has been manufactured from tough polyisocyanurate (PIR) by using a perfect mix of certain blowing agents which acquires zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and a low global warming impact (GWP).